NorthCountry Manor goes Green!

NorthCountry Manor is excited to announce that it’s recently installed an environmentally-friendly pellet boiler system!

“While I was a little nervous when the oil tanks were being carted out,” says owner Annamarie Sloss, “the system has performed flawlessly. We have all the heat and hot water we need and it is satisfying to know that in burning pellets, we are supporting our local economy and  helping the planet.”

Here’s how it works:  Pellets are delivered by a truck very similar in size and configuration to an oil truck. They are automatically fed into a bulk storage bin in the cellar (the bins can hold anywhere from 3-10 tons of pellets) where they are then fed into the burner (either by auger or vacuum suction depending on the system). Although pellets do generate ash as a waste product, the boiler cleans itself and therefore there is no manual clean-out required.  The ash is then automatically fed into a collection bin which is emptied every 2-4 weeks.  You never have to touch a pellet! The system runs itself as if it were essentially “liquid wood.”

Curious? Give us a call or stop by to see it in action! Our pellet boiler is manufactured by Okofen of Austria, and its local distributor is MaineEnergy Systems of Bethel, Maine.  It was installed by master plumber, Steven Babin.




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